Complete HRM Web Solutions

EchoPx Technologies will provide you the complete HRM (human resources management) solutions and will cover the whole concept of bolstering from efficiency of payroll, personnel and the strategies of managing employee HRM. Our HRM software  will meet your requirements at it’s best.

Our professional experts will provide you solutions on diverse range of needs and achieving the maximum ROI (return on Investment) with optimal functionality, HRM is a free open source, it is easy and flexible to use for a small and medium sized companies.

Each Organization whether its small or big, they want their personnel systems to manage their wide array of functions. HRM solutions not only have a speed up operations but it will also increase the efficiency to strengthen personnel management compliance, facilitate with the appropriate of internal controls & enable HRM for complete linked in management strategy. HRM solutions are developed in house and it has a boasting ratio very high. Human resources management is introduced and build up with multiple functionality of strong record and has been adopted over 600 companies ranging from the middle size enterprises to major corporate groups. We are working from last 2 years on HRM open source and we provide complete one-stop solutions to reach the customer needs, from System planning to operation and infrastructure to maintenance deployment. We strive our best for providing you a HRMS software in Bangalore which is a good thing.

Making the combination of below given modules in one application will definitely assures you a perfect platform for aligning and re-engineering of complete hr process throughout the companies goals.

  • Administration Module
  • Personal Information Management
  • Leave Module
  • Time Module
  • Employee Self Service Module
  • Recruitment/ Applicant Tracking Module
  • Performance Module

Our services include : –

  • Development of Personnel database
  • Efficiency of workflow enhancement
  • Enhancement operations of payroll efficiency
  • Attendance and time management of Employee
  • Development of human resources management
  • Shared services
  • Outsourcing Payroll

EchoPx Technologies is a leading web design and development company which provides HRM software Bangalore, our experience staff will provide you with the best HRM software system.

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