SEO plays a very important role in the growth of Educational Institutions, because about 60% of prospective students use internet as their first source of information for higher education institution and most of them will not be knowing which school they wish to attend during their initial search or research stages. SEO helps in bringing organic traffic on searches which helps students to locate your website and join your Institution.

How Internet changed Education?

  • We know how internet effect of every aspect of our lives, you need look no further than its effect on education. The internet and social media have dramatically changed both teaching and learning.
  • In fact, most students’ (an incredible 93 percent) they are agreed with a research problem is to turn to Google or Bing to get information rather than going to the library.
  • Wikipedia is the research resource that is used most often. It’s not only students that are turning to the web, however. A whopping 90 percent of faculty uses social media in the courses they’re teaching, and 8 in 10 have used online video in class.
  • In addition, colleges and universities are reaching out to students in a way they never could before—85 percent of admissions offices use some sort of social media, from video blogging to social networking.
  • Search Engine Optimization is an effective method for online marketing in the education industry.
  • The technology tool is an effective method for students to find an online job after completing their studies.
  • It’s an effective method that all levels of educational institutions can increase web traffic to their sites. While having an online presence can help to advertise your educational institution, a more effective method is by using SEO.

For Educational Institute SEO service?

  1. We provide long-form content
  2. We provide social media which enables you to talk to prospective students in real time, answering their questions and directing them to your site.
  3. We provide responsive website in mobile world particularly important with the growth of Smartphone and tablet use,
  4. Keyword targeting which hits on particular area wise candidates


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