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What is PHP frame works?

Frame Work is collection of software or Program, that Trigger off easy coding and implementing the code. It helps to programmer to achieve goals in short period of time. PHP code is integrated with frame Works, you can do anything with PHP coding skills.

PHP frameworks give the users a basic structure, with some pre-built modules to develop robust web applications faster. These frameworks enforce coding standards and development guidelines hence standardizing the process and stabilizing the product.

PHP is the most popular scripting language for web development. It is free, open source and server-side, the code is executed on the server. MySQL is a RDBMS(Relational Database Management System) that uses SQL (Structured Query Language).

Advantages of using framework

  • Rapid development using the libraries and tools provided by the framework
  • Easy to upgrade and maintain the developed applications
  • Excellent community support
  • Security features such as Input filtering and Output encoding.

Top 5 frame PHP works

Laravel : – laravel is a relatively new PHP framework. Most Popular Frame work for developer. Laravel has Many Eco system with an instant hosting and deployment Platform, and its official website offers many screen cast tutorials called Laravels.

Symphony : – Symphony has a wide developer community and many ardent fans. Symphony Components are reusable PHP libraries that you can complete different tasks with, such as form creation, object configuration, routing, authentication, templating, and many others. You can install any of the Components with the Composer PHP dependency manager.

CodeIgniter :- Codeigniter is a lightweight PHP framework. Very straight forward installation process it require minimum process. It works nicely on almost all shared and dedicated hosting platforms

Cake PHP :- it’s still among the most popular PHP frameworks. Cake PHP improved modularity by decoupling several components, and increased the ability of creating more standalone libraries. It is an excellent tool for creating web apps that need high-level of security.

Zen framework :- is a robust and stable PHP framework packed with a lot of configuration options therefore it’s usually not recommended for smaller projects but excellent for more complex ones.

Echopx has developed so many web applications and websites based on PHP & MySQL in various fields like Healthcare, Logistics, Mobile, Solar Energy, Real Estate, Consumer Electronics, Photography, Education, Entertainment, eCommerce, Telecommunications, and many other industries.

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