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G Suite (formerly Google Apps for Work and Google Apps for Your Domain) is a brand of cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools, software and products developed by Google.

G Suite comprises Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar, and Google+ for communication; Drive for storage; Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and Sites for collaboration; and, depending on the plan, an Admin panel and Vault for managing users and the services. It also includes the digital interactive whiteboard Jamboard. Get Gmail, Docs, Drive, and Calendar for business. All you need to do your best work, together in one package that works seamlessly from your computer, phone or tablet.


Gmail Calendar Hangouts Google+


Docs Sheets Forms Slides Sites App-Maker Keep


Drive Google-Cloud-Search


Admin Vault Mobile


Send professional email from your business web address ( and create group mailing lists like
All the storage you need
Start with 30GB of online storage per user. Upgrade to our unlimited storage plan for an additional $5 per user per month.
24/7 live support
Call or email Google support to get help from a live person whenever you need it. You can also find fast answers online in our help center.

Advanced admin controls

Add and remove users, set up groups, and add security options like 2-step verification and single-sign-on (SSO), all from one centralized admin console.
Mobile device management
Keep your company data secure with device management that allows you to easily locate devices, require passwords, and erase data if needed.
Easy data migration
Use our free migration tools to import old emails from legacy systems like IBM Notes or Microsoft Exchange. If you need help, just give us a call.

 Enjoy a consistent experience from your computer, tablet or phone. Draft a proposal in Docs at the office, review it on the train, then make final edits from your phone right before the meeting. Get more out of your workday.

All you need to work on the go

Enjoy a consistent experience from your computer, tablet or phone. Draft a proposal in Docs at the office, review it on the train, then make final edits from your phone right before the meeting. Get more out of your workday.

Controls for securing your devices and data

Manage mobile devices, email addresses, security settings and more from the Google Admin console. Keep all your company data safe, centralized and protected from disruptions such as missing hardware or employee turnover. Your business, your rules.

More productive meetings

Schedule events in Calendar at times that work for everyone. Get meeting reminders directly to your Gmail inbox. With one-click, join a video meeting through Hangouts and share your Slides to review as a team. Less prep, fewer next steps.

Teamwork that works

Create a budget tracker in Sheets, share it with teammates and edit it in real-time. It’s automatically stored in Drive so everyone always has the latest version. No more sending attachments to get on the same page.

How we can help you to setup Google Apps?

Google Apps setup covers basic and advanced configurations for businesses to run google apps smoothly for collaboration and communication.

The premier edition of Google apps comes with more tools for enterprise usage and priced at $50.00 per user per year. It is a collection of office tools like word processor, spreadsheets, email and calendar sync, web pages creator; all of which are accessible through a web browser/mobile. This includes APIs for integrating with existing systems, policy management, 30GB storage space, video chat, anti-virus/spam protection, disaster recovery, 99.9% uptime LA and customer support. In addition, an Education edition is available for students.

 Our services in Google apps setup and configuration into existing web site include : –

  • Google apps setup and configuration
  • Google apps domain & hosting
  • MX record setup and configuration
  • User provisioning, setup
  • Initial administrative setup
  • Custom Google application development
  • Configure email to use Gmail’s mail servers
  • Configure sharing & security Settings for domain name
  • Configure GTalk
  • Porting email accounts from existing web site to Gmail for spam prevention and archiving capabilities. Google Apps Tools
  • Google Start Page provides features like email, calendar, feeds, websites or even gadgets that can be customized.
  • Gmail is an easy, fast, efficient and useful email and instant chat service that provides address book, search features, supports company’s url, less spam, 30GB space ( 50 times more storage than the industry average) along with integration with Google Talk and Calendar.
  • Google Talk is an instant messaging tool for real-time communication with contacts that includes file sharing and voice support.
  • Google Calendar organizes schedules using calendars with online and mobile integration, which can be shared with groups for real-time business needs.
  • Google Docs enables to create documents, spreadsheets, PDFs and presentations. It provides real-time interactive word processing and data management with other users. Google Docs features an on-screen chat window for spreadsheets, and document revisions with changes being saved automatically; allows creating a proposal or a presentation.
  • Google Spreadsheets includes web forms for data management, auto fill, drag columns to new locations and a streamlined copy for duplication.
  • Google Presentations enables to add basic images and videos. It includes a template library to quickly collect and share team feedbacks and for publishing needs on the web or instantly embedding it in a website.
  • Google Groups for providing mailing lists, content sharing and archives.
  • Google Sites provides a website for Google web application development that involves creating and editing web applications. It is a collaborative and development tool that integrates Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Gmail, Calendar, Videos, Google Gadgets and more. It also creates intranet and extranet access for enterprises.

Google App Engine is an extension of Google apps for enterprises in deployment of custom cloud computing services and Google application development Bangalore. App engine features include scheduled tasks and a secure access to firewalled data. It is a java-based program that offers an open, scalable platform for creating custom web applications, and legacy migration of applications to the cloud by Google apps developers. App Engine is an ideal platform for small businesses which helps to reduce IT costs.

Google app Engine SDK is used for creating and deploying applications to the Google app engine platform that includes : –

  • Server infrastructure that reduces IT complexity
  • Multiple language support
  • A web command console for web application management
  • Google app engine APIs for user accounts, mails and data storage that leverages Google functionality and provides scalability and reliability.

Benefits of Google Apps : –

  • Easy, efficient and useful business applications and cloud apps. Supports email, calendar, IM, voice and video chat providing connectivity and collaboration for businesses
  • Leverage Google apps for overall IT costs reduction, user satisfaction, and cloud infrastructure benefits and achieves quicker operational improvements
  • Porting email accounts to Gmail while preserving the existing website, and helps to prevent spam
  • Leverage Google app engine to enable deep integrations and build innovative products for the google apps platform
  • Low training investment
  • Support of Google as the main developer/hosting partner

How our expert services in Google apps development can help you reduce cost and achieve higher operational efficiency ?

  • Google apps integration, design, support, custom Google apps development, training and consulting services
  • Deploying Google apps and services into the existing web site
  • DNS configuration to web domain for Google apps integration that includes sharing & security settings
  • Development of tools and applications in Google apps integration services
  • Google apps suite migration including email, document & spreadsheets, calendar and porting services with advanced mail routing
  • Google apps setup & provisioning
  • Google apps solutions development
  • MX records setup
  • Google apps / active directory integration and user management
  • Intranet/extranet creation for businesses with Google apps functionalities

EchoPx Technologies website designing and web development company is a Google application development Bangalore which provides Google apps development services to its clients and helps them out to reach their success.

Our Google apps services include the following :

  • google apps business support
  • google apps business discount
  • google apps business suite
  • google apps business shared mailbox
  • google apps business calendar
  • google apps business
  • google apps business email
  • google apps business account
  • google apps business admin access user email
  • google apps business associate agreement
  • google apps business android
  • google apps for business benefits
  • google apps business customer service phone number
  • google apps business cost
  • google apps business multiple domains
  • google apps business edition
  • google apps business email setup
  • google apps business email encryption
  • google apps business email settings
  • google apps business english
  • google apps for business
  • google apps for business pricing
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