EchoPx Technologies customized web application development Bangalore has a reputation for creating innovative custom web applications that meet and exceed expectations. Our specialized custom web application development engineers offer the highest level of usability, scalability and complete compatibility in browsers and platforms. 

Each of our modules is designed to fit into a framework that is mindful of usability, performance, security and auditing. Since every company is unique with its own specific needs, we invest a considerable amount of time trying to learn how the business works so we can propose unique and innovative options for the clients.

There are three main parts as to what custom web application development is all about. It’s the planning, the creation and the maintaining of web-based software. Custom data applications as the most popular type of application we create, these include business processes automation, Customer relationship management system, custom ecommerce software and one of a kind applications build for a specific purpose. Every custom application is expected to integrate with other software’s so as to avoid double entry and make the process efficient, we work with most book keeping and ERP systems including QuickBooks, Sage, Navision and Microsoft Great Plains.

All our web applications are responsive to support cell phones and tablets natively, our testing team evaluates usability on physical mobile devices to ensure our systems can be effectively used in any environment.

EchoPx Technologies customized web application development Bangalore possesses a library of over 2000 modules built by inhouse engineers, these including PDF manipulation, media manipulation, social networking, integration with ERP systems like SAP,  mainframe plugins, office automation systems like Visual Manufacturing and many more. These modules not only reduce programming hours but also improve product quality.


Why Custom Web development?

  • Often a Custom Applications is the only viable method of solving a business problem. Off the shelf software leaves a lot to be desired when you do not conform to the “standard” way of doing business.
  • Custom web development applications can interact with older systems to plug into legacy systems and extend their life by years.
  • Custom responsive web applications are meant to be used on mobile devices, tablets and computers, this can often mean that the overall flow of information improves.
  • Custom applications build for a purpose can be deployed in house or on the cloud, this is often a critical aspect of security that many companies desire.
  • Often software built for your business can be converted into a SaaS (Software as a service) turning a tool into a revenue generating avenue.
  • Custom software is limited to your needs, without the unnecessary frills your employees can focus on the job at hand instead of learning a new skill.
  • Custom CRM solutions greatly helps in automating business processes and also helps companies both to understand and to anticipate the needs of current customers as well as of any potential customers.
  • Leveraging the power of the internet you can set your staff free from the workplace so they can be effective from their home, on the road and at the clients.
  • Often performance is a major concern with off the shelf software as its designed with every single possibility, this creates a lot of unnecessary bloat and investment in configuration.
  • As custom software is built for a specific business process the time saved in training is enormous.
  • Through the use of Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools, custom web applications software can be created and put into use in a relatively short period of time.


The EchoPx Technologies customized web application development Bangalore team creates solutions that solve business problems for their clients, produces higher levels of client satisfaction, and creates new avenues for partnership. Our specialized web solutions have enabled several of our clients to build strong relationships with their own customers and helped improve their competitiveness, efficiency, profitability and effectiveness in the marketplace.

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