First thing, Google Apps for the Work it is a software suite that brings together the essential services its help your business function effectively and efficiently.

Google account allows individual access to all the free apps that Google offers, but is only a sign-in system administered by Google. A Google Apps for Work account provides access to products powered by Google but administered from you.

There are two biggest differences between the free and paid versions is that the amount of storage is doubled for Google Apps for Work, but more importantly, the improvement in functionality provides a business-catered professionalism to the suite, and that is the pivotal difference worth taking advantage of as your business growth.

There is another noticeable feature is the exclusive app it controls the Google Apps suite’s security and settings                                                                                                                           

Google Admin.  Manage Google Apps for your business, you can add and remove users, manage devices, and configure security and settings. As well as this is an increase in email security, by adding features such as custom filtering and content the policies, email retention policies, IP address whitelisting, user-managed blacklists, and enforced compliance footers.


Main differences by the app:

  • Google apps for business (Gmail)
    • Custom email addresses (
    • Unlimited group email addresses (
    • Its Gmail with a 99.9% guaranteed uptime
    • The free version of Gmail comes with (free app contains 15GB, whereas G Apps contains 30GB)
    • Absolutely zero ads only
    • Microsoft Outlook one of most popular email clients in the world, Microsoft Exchange, Apple mail, and Lotus Notes
    • User-controlled mailing lists
    • Forums and collaborative inboxes
    • 24/7 Support


  • Access to additional storage ( Twice the storage of personal Gmail)
  • Sharing controls
  • The advanced reporting



  • Meetings with ease, up to 15 people (free version offers only up to 10)
  • In-built screen sharing
  • Free version also has: Hangouts On Air, Increased flexibility (between platforms also )


  • Overlay and compare calendars on one screen by 24/7 support.
  • Free version also has: Share calendars with others, Mobile optimized apps, Smooth migration from other calendar apps


Additional G Suite Benefits (Paid Version)

  1. Email Account Ownership
  2. File Ownership
  3. Document Sharing
  4. Group Email Addresses
  5. Multiple Email Aliases
  6. Ability to Use Outlook as an Email Client
  7. More File Storage
  8. Extra Security With 2-Step Verification
  9. CRM Integration
  10. Single Sign-On To Other Business Applications
  11. A Company Branded User Interface
  12. Support
  • Google Apps Premier Edition
  • Google Apps accounts are nice to have
  • It comes to Enterprise the only real player in the game
  • Google Apps for Business account
  • Google – Gsuite ->


Benefits of google apps ?


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