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Executive Summary
1.1 How Search Engines WORK?
1.2 About us

1.2.1 Phase 1: Evaluation
1.2.2 Phase 2: Solution Design
1.2.3 Phase 3: Implementation
1.2.4 Phase 4: Maintenance and Measurement
1.4 SEO Reports



1. The proposal is for the Search Engine Optimization. The objective is to enhance the brand image of

the company online and generate traffic on the website.
2. The document is based on the information obtained from the requirements provided by the client.
3. The objective would be to improve the search engine rankings of the website for relevant keywords
and beat the competition using Internet as one of the effective medium.
4. The Optimization will be done in a strategic step by step SEO management process.
5. The complete process has been worked out for approximately 6 months to achieve the target.
6. The estimated cost of the complete project is presented in The Cost Estimates.
7. The SEO will be done by a professional team of dedicated & experienced staff. Our Team has
handled many brands for SEO, PPC Management and Internet Marketing.



Before a search engine can tell you where a file or document is, it must be found. To find information on the
hundreds of millions of Web pages that exist, a search engine employs special software robots, called
spiders, to build lists of the words found on Web sites. When a spider is building its lists, the process is
called Web crawling. (There are some disadvantages to calling part of the Internet the World Wide Web — a
large set of arachnid-centric names for tools is one of them.) In order to build and maintain a useful list of
words, a search engine’s spiders have to look at a lot of pages.
How does any spider start its travels over the Web?
The usual starting points are lists of heavily used servers and very popular pages. The spider will begin with
a popular site, indexing the words on its pages and following every link found within the site. In this way, the
spidering system quickly begins to travel, spreading out across the most widely used portions of the Web.

Spiders” take a Web page’s content and create key search words that enable online users to find
pages they’re looking for.
When a search engine’s spider looks at an HTML page, it takes note of two things:

  • The words within the page
  •  Where the words were found

Words occurring in the title, subtitles, Meta tags and other positions of relative importance were noted for
special consideration during a subsequent user search. The spiders were built to index every significant
word on a page, leaving out the articles “a,” “an” and “the.” Different spiders take different approaches.
These different approaches usually attempt to make the spider operate faster; allow users to search more
efficiently, or both. For example, some spiders will keep track of the words in the title, sub-headings and
links, along with the 100 most frequently used words on the page and each word in the first 20 lines of text.



Meta tags allow the owner of a page to specify key words and concepts under which the page will be
indexed. This can be helpful, especially in cases in which the words on the page might have double or triple
meanings — the Meta tags can guide the search engine in choosing which of the several possible meanings
for these words is correct. There is, however, a danger in over-reliance on Meta tags, because a careless or
unscrupulous page owner might add Meta tags that fit very popular topics but have nothing to do with the
actual contents of the page. To protect against this, spiders will correlate Meta tags with page content,
rejecting the Meta tags that don’t match the words on the page.
All of this assumes that the owner of a page actually wants it to be included in the results of a search
engine’s activities. Many times, the page’s owner doesn’t want it showing up on a major search engine, or
doesn’t want the activity of a spider accessing the page. Consider, for example, a game that builds new,
active pages each time sections of the page are displayed or new links are followed. If a Web spider
accesses one of these pages, and begins following all of the links for new pages, the game could mistake
the activity for a high-speed human player and spin out of control. To avoid situations like this, the robot
exclusion protocol was developed. This protocol, implemented in the meta-tag section at the beginning of a
Web page, tells a spider to leave the page alone — to neither index the words on the page nor try to follow its


We are one of the Top Growing search engine optimization and website marketing company of India based
in Delhi.
Our Aim is to ensure that your website will continue to increase in its rankings, attract more visitors and
make more sales through our website optimization, search engine marketing and promotion services. Our
main areas of Services are keyword Research and analysis, meta tags optimization, website optimization,
web promotion, link popularity building, PPC campaigns, CPC Management, Directory submission, Link
Exchange, SEM, Conversion Tracking and Analysis, SEO Reporting etc. We also provide web-related
services to businesses that desire professional quality results.
WE offers prompt, efficient Internet marketing services which include:

  • Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Pay Per Click Management Services
  • Content Writing Services
  • Affiliate

In some ways, Search Engine Optimization strategies change constantly, but in other ways, they remain
steadfast. We remain technologically flexible to help businesses who invest in new web development tools,
content management systems, and e-commerce tools. Yet the primary tenet of Best Practices search engine
optimization remains: Help clients present their information in a way that is easy both for customers to
understand and for search engines to process. Our Search Engine Optimization strategies are described
three ways:
Customized. Our Search Engine Optimization strategy is built upon the philosophy that no one
knows your business as well as you do. Our SEO campaign begins with a meeting in which you
explain the fine points of your business. Your industry. Your audience. Your goals. We take your
lead, perform further research, and present a Search Engine Optimization strategy that best
integrates Best Practices SEO and your company’s unique needs.
Comprehensive. Whether your site is still under construction or you’ve been around from the
beginning, Our Search Engine Optimization strategy begins with solid keyword research and site
evaluations, moves through code and content modifications, and continues with the most advanced
tracking and metrics solutions in the SEO industry. No step is ignored, because Search Engine
Optimization strategy relies on balance.

SEO Roadmap and Strategy:


The first phase of the program is evaluation – we have to understand the current situation in order to set the
proper course for change. We will perform a detailed Site Analysis on the enterprise or corporate website
and key content pages from various business units using our detailed checklists and audits to determine how
well your site is complying with the various search engine algorithm attributes.
This analysis helps to identify macro and micro problems that result in poor rankings and few visitors from
search engines. Each identified problem will include a detailed explanation of the problem, the degree of
impact on rankings, and specific recommendations on how to improve the problem. Some of the key
elements of this review are as follows:

  • Site Spider ability Analysis
  • Navigation Structure Review
  • HTML and XML Template Review
  • Site Programming and Coding
  • Algorithm Compliance Audit
  • Organizational Keyword Audit
  • Content/Keyword Density Analysis
  • Link Popularity/Relevance Audit

Once the analysis is completed, a detailed written report will be developed outlining all of the issues
encountered on both a site level and a page level.


After a thorough evaluation, the next step on the roadmap is to develop the “solution” to making the various
changes necessary to make the site and the content more compatible to the search engine algorithms.
Every solution is unique to the enterprise since not every company has the same problems with their site.
Some issues are easy to solve while others more complicated. The solution typically takes into account at
least the following areas:

  • Critical “show stopper” issues
  • Spiderability
  • Site wide changes
  • Template Modifications
  • Keyword Integration
  • Keyword Allocation
  • Develop a business case
  • Establish improvement metrics

At the conclusion of the Solutions Development Phase, you’ll receive a business impact report that prioritizes


With a detailed implementation program up and running we focus on managing the progress by reviewing
project tasks as well the incremental performance increases during implementation. During this phase we
refine the various scorecards and match them to the business case to ensure we are on track and
demonstrating overall value and ROI.



We have various plans for SEO starting from basic search submissions to assured ranking. We have made
them according to your plan and budget, here are some of the plans you can opt for.


6 Months Engagement
Price in Rs. Rs. 40,000 Rs. 72,000 Rs. 95,000
Review and Analysis
# of keywords 10 15 25
Initial Rank Report
Keyword Research & Finalization
Competitive Analysis
On Page Optimization
Header Tags Optimization including titles, meta descriptions &
meta keywords
Robots.txt Optimization
W3c Validation
HTML Code Cleanup & Optimization
Google Analytics Setup & Integration
Image & Hyperlink Optimization (Alt tags, Anchor Text and Titles)
Google Webmaster Tools Account Setup & Monitoring
Off Page Optimization
Search Engine Submission
Directory Submission 300 500 700
Social Bookmarking
Blog Creation & Updating

Article Submission 2 pm 4 pm
RSS Feeds
Manual Link Requests to
Related Sites (link exchange)
XML Sitemaps
Google Sitemap Creation & Submission
Yahoo Sitemap Creation & Submission
Monthly SEO Reporting
Analytics (Statistics) Basic Extensive Comprehensive
Search Engine Ranking Reports
Monthly SEO Report
Directory Submission Report
Article / Blog Submission Report
Payment mode: 50% advance, 50% after 3 months.

Payment Methods:
In India
-Online Bank Transfer
-Cheque / DD Deposit (subjects to realization)
-PayPal (5 % surcharge)

From Outside India
-Wire Transfer
-Western Union Money Transfer
-Money Gram
-PayPal (5% surcharge)



Content is the King. We resort to various SEO components along with the standard SEO strategy to
strengthen the SEO in long run and provide assured results. For assured results, the site should have
content which is being updated regularly and is going to stay later as Archives.
So, we try to build real content on the site which stays on the site adding the number of pages a site has and
also when updated gets favour from all the search engines as the latter like Content and updating very

We recommend following add-ons.

1. Article Directory
_ A complete Article Directory script in PHP/MySQL which generates HTML pages which are
search engine friendly.
_ About 200 related articles shall be updated into the Article Directory over 1 year.
_ Template customisation of the script according to your website.
_ A user friendly admin to manage categories, articles, users, statistics, data backup/repair.
_ Four related articles on per month for one year shall be created and shall be released to about
200 major Article Directories.
_ Revenue generation model with Google Adsense and Banners

2. Blog
_ A complete PHP/MySQL based blog script
_ Replete with 10-15 blogs
_ 4-5 keyword based blogs on to bring traffic and back-links to the site blog.
_ Revenue generation model with Google Adsense and Banners
_ We use HitTail technique to build content pages of Blog; HitTail reveals in real-time the least
utilized, most promising keywords hidden in the Long Tail of your natural search results. We use
these terms that when acted on can boost the natural search results of your site.

3. Press Releases
Press Releases will be developed on the products/features and posted on various online PR portals.
At least 1-2 PRs will be posted every month. The online Press Releases is a very effective medium
to advertise freely on major news portals

4. Link Directory
_ A complete Link Directory with HTML pages
_ Membership with and for link exchanges
_ Guaranteed Link Exchange with 500 PR 4 pages and 500 PR 3 pages in one year.
_ One way link
Monthly SEO reports shall be provided. The Sample SEO Report shall be:
SEO Report for for the month of “month”, 2008

S.No Feature Current Status Source

1 Google Page Rank
Home Page PR PR:
No of Subsequent Pages with Google PR >1

2 Page Listing
No of Pages listed with Google
No of Pages listed with Yahoo
No of Pages listed with MSN

3 Link Popularity
Link Popularity on Google
Link Popularity on Yahoo
Link Popularity on MSN

4 Search Engine Ranking
Search Engine Rank on Google for Keyword “—-“
Search Engine Rank on Yahoo for Keyword “—-“
Search Engine Rank on MSN for Keyword “—-“

5 Backlinks
No of Backlinks On Google
No of Backlinks On Yahoo
No of Backlinks On MSN

6 Alexa Ranking

7 Sitemap
Google Sitemap
Yahoo Sitemap

8 Web Statistics
No of Page Views per month
No of Hits per month

9 Site Analysis
Custom Error Documents
Broken Site Links
Meta Tags
Keyword Density

A separate report shall be provided for the SEO add-ons if applicable.

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