What is Directory Submission and why Should you use it?

Directory submission services is a link building strategy that attracts visitors, builds link popularity and creates stronger organic placement. Directory submission is submitting your site to these directories in effort to gain these core principles. This helps increase your sites popularity through a link building process by generating an abundance of links with relevant categories and anchor text. With an increase in in your web site’s popularity, it will bring about higher organic results in the search engine ranks and eventually generate higher revenue. These directory submissions will not only boost traffic to the web site’s by increasing your organic ranking in the search engines, they also create permanent one way in-bound links. This type of strategy is very important for your link building campaign when used in conjunction with other optimization services.

By using these directory submission services you can build your web site’s a greater number of keyword rich back links that will help contribute to your web site’s higher organic results success and create a higher return on investment. Careful consideration should be used when choosing anchor text which are your titles that create the links to your web site’s during the directory submission process. This careful selection of keywords and phrases requires industry research pertinent to your business and if incorrect will produce little to no results on your directory submission investment. Just keep in mind, that every aspect of SEO should be considered as in investment. Would you invest in a stock not knowing what it is about or what you can gain from it? If you answered yes, you should definitely seek our free consultation first.
Directory Submissions

Do you use any Automated Software for Submissions?

Link Worx Seo uses manual directory submission and is not an automated software process. This allows your web site’s to be place in the appropriate category for optimal listing and prevents your web site’s from being penalized by the search engines. The search engine’s have gotten smart enough to know if your using automated software for you submission’s of any kind and this is another reason Link Worx Seo performs these directory submissions manually instead of through an automated process. The search engine spiders can easily track the use of automated software and will penalize your web site’s for it. All our submission services are done manually in compliance with webmaster guidelines by all major search engines and will definitely contribute to your online business success.

How do I Submit my Web Site?

When submitting your web site’s it is recommended that you should have at least five to ten different titles and descriptions for you directory submissions to be the most effective. Most directory submission services require the use of tag’s as well for directory submission services which are basically keywords relevant to your business. If you have a link to a Facebook page or a Twitter account, many of these directory submission web site’s will ask for these link’s as well – although they are not required for the submission to be completed. There are two forms of directory submission services available: Slow and Fast. Link Worx Seo can provide you with the option of slow or fast submission, but recommends the slow option because it looks more natural to the search engines. This more natural look takes more time and cost more, but has better results organically based on experience. Your titles and descriptions and keyword selection is entirely up to you or our SEO specialist can assist you with the process by doing it for you or discussing the best options for you listing’s. Link Worx Seo has gathered a large list of trustworthy directories to list your web site’s and can make suggestions when necessary to better enhance your listing’s.

How Will I Know if my Web Site is Submitted?

Well, directory submission is an essential part of search engine optimization process and an Internet marketing strategy, which will help increase your web sites link popularity by building one way in bound links. As mentioned already, this will help increase your web site’s ranking in the search engine results. Directories also help by improving relevant links by being placed in the appropriate category for you business. There are multiple benefits to being listed in these kinds of directories and it should remain a constant and stable part of your Internet marketing plan.

How is Directory Submission Helpful for my Web Sites?

You will receive a detailed report containing the links to the page where your web site’s is listed. Also, Link Worx Seo will create one unique email address for all of your submissions which you can access and see the confirmation messages received for your submissions. This report is generated and sent to you as part of the directory submission services upon completion of your submission dependent upon your plan selection. For example, if you thised a plan that provides 100 submissions every 15 day’s, then on or about the 15th. day you would receive a report containing the details of your submissions until all submissions are complete. You would get 8 reports in total on a purchase of 800 directory submissions. This type of delayed submissions is considered a slow directory submission process and is highly effective. The number of reports will be determined by the plan being purchased based – slow or fast – and the number of directory submission being purchased.

What do you Gain With our Directory Submission Plans?

Manual submissions only Manual submissions only
Rotation of keywords and descriptions Rotation of keywords and descriptions
Listed in appropriate category Listed in appropriate category
Quality Permanent and relevant in bound links Quality Permanent and relevant in bound links
Regular submission reports Regular submission reports
SEO friendly directories SEO friendly directories
No ’no index’ links No ’no index’ links
No ’no follow’ links No ’no follow’ links
No 302 directs No 302 directs
We don not make blind submissions We don not make blind submissions

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