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Android Application Development

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With a rise in the number of Android phone users, there has been a lot of demand for different kinds of apps which can run efficiently on the Android platform. Android applications today have surely changed the way businesses operate. They have brought in more flexibility as well as efficiency into one’s business. No wonder majority companies are using Android applications to widen their customer base and popularity.


EchoPx Technologies Website Designing and web development in Bangalore, India, is one of the leading companies for Android application development in Bangalore. Having built several outstanding Android apps till date, we present you some of the major advantages of having an Android application : -

  • Open source
  • Low investment cost
  • Can be easily integrated
  • Easily target wider market
  • Better return on investment
  • Provides multiple sales channel
  • More preferred by the general crowd


Why choose us ?

Each Android app developed by us is a testimony of creativity and innovation. Our highly professional team of app developers is an expert in blending the latest technology with the specific needs of your business. They are dedicated to building apps which are convenient, easy to access as well as compatible. Our team has the expertise to explore the complex Android SDK platform and also make the best use of all the high-end resources in order to come up with performance-oriented applications. In order to make the applications attractive and user-friendly, they optimize developmental tools like software libraries, debugger, documentation, handset emulator based on QEMU, sample code, tutorials etc.


Our app developers guarantee you  : -

  • 24/7 technical support
  • Seamless communication 
  • Timely delivery of projects
  • Clean and modern UI designs
  • Guaranteed approval on Play store
  • Regular updates with best features
  • Cost-effective Android applications
  • Interactive and user-friendly applications
  • Experience with all versions of Android OS
  • Cross device functionality across Android devices
  • Source code security along with non-disclosure agreement


We have consistently proved our talent as the best Android application development company through successful execution of our various projects. Till date we have built Android applications for the following domains : -

  • Maps
  • Music
  • Game
  • Health
  • Finance
  • Multimedia
  • Educational
  • Travel and tourism


Thus if you are thinking of building an Android application for your business or are not happy with the performance of your present Android application, then get in touch with us. Our highly professional team will have an in-depth discussion with you to understand your requirements as well as expectations based on which they will come up with a highly customized application for you. You will get an application which will not only fulfill your requirements, but will also stand out from the crowd – thereby increasing your revenues and improving the goodwill of your company.


Web Android app development company who can deliver the best solution for your business?

The fact that we have developed Android apps ranging from Gingerbread to nougat, from customized Android apps to Android wearable's, we are the best player in the industry with deep-drive knowledge on new trending technologies. 

Android Application Development Service

With Android market share crossing 80% globally, Android continues to maintain its dominant position in the market. With this increased popularity, Android has become a need rather than luxury for businesses. Though Mobile application like Android Apps becoming a critical component of any business irrespective of the size of it, the complexity involved in developing the app is also increasing. From different sizes of Device screens with introduction of new Smart phones and Tablets to deprecation of underlying APIs to the introduction of new APIs and many others, calls for a company specialized in this domain. Not only to develop the application but also to educate the client on arriving at the best possible solution despite the complexity and differences involved technologically, in a way that is suitable for a particular business.

Why us for Android Application Development?

EchoPx Technologies Website Designing and web development in Bangalore, India, is an India based Android applications development company having corporate office situated in Bangalore, believes in simple, user centric mobile apps which ensures more pleasant user experience for targeted users. Being one of the top mobile apps development companies in India , EchoPx Technologies has strong in-depth experience in development of android apps with new technologies. 

EchoPx Technologies Website Designing and web development in Bangalore, India, is an Android Application Development Company in India has enabled its clients to navigate through the clutter in order to maximize product experience under the given circumstances. It's more of our passion to bring that unique product experience to each of our clients applications.


The steps involved in android apps development process are as follows : -

We understand you : - In the first phase, we try to understand your business and try to derive how an android app adds value to your business. In this phase we will understand your target audience, goal & significance of your android mobile app solution with respect to the problem.

Your app will be designed for better ROI : - We listen to you, we analyze your problem & we will bring up the simple solution for a complex problem statement. In this stage we consider both user perspective and the company perspective to come up with an optimal solution. We undergo many exercises to provide the best android apps solution.

We develop your Android app with a team of experienced& passionate Android application developers : - We use the best suitable methodology to develop your android app efficiently. In this phase application will be tested repeatedly and reworked on it until your android app becomes a full-fledged& robust android mobile apps. A dedicated account manager will update you on the progress, current happenings, anything & everything.

Deploying : - Once an android application is ready to use by users, it should be deployed in app store.

Maintaining : - The app which is live on app store is not meant to be last forever. Android keeps on releasing new version in order to adding new features and make it more sophisticated. In order to keep up to date need to update android apps to the latest version of android. We will be engaged with you whenever a change happens.


Categories of android apps : - 

  • Health care android apps
  • Entertainment android apps
  • Education android apps
  • Business android apps
  • Home automation android apps
  • Finance android apps
  • Lifestyle android apps
  • E-commerce android apps
  • News & Magazines android apps
  • Personalization android apps
  • Media android apps
  • Music, audio & video android apps
  • Shopping android apps
  • Sports android apps
  • Travel & local android apps
  • Transportation android apps
  • Weather android apps
  • IoT android apps
  • Widgets android apps

EchoPx Technologies is one of the best android app development company Bangalore which provides wide verity of apps you which meets your requirements which helps boost your company success.



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